Can AI Find You A Girlfriend?

How AI may improve your chances to match with someone on Tinder...

Ai-Powered Taxis & Tinder Matches 🤯

You can find love with the help of AI… and then, AI can pick you up and drop you off for your first date.

Do you accept the offer?

Today’s Menu

  • Toyota Robo-Taxi: Self-Driving Cars

  • Tinder Goes AI: Choosing The Right Pictures

  • Bot Tries To Get A Date: Will AI Pull It Off?

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Your Personal AI Driver 🚕

Buckle up, because Toyota and are teaming up to create a robotaxi utopia in China.

They're cooking up a multi-million dollar plan to crank out self-driving taxis on a grand scale.

Imagine hopping into a car that drives itself and takes you where you want to go – all while you sip on your coffee and enjoy the cyberpunk vibes.

Toyota and their buddies at GAC-Toyota are tossing in a whopping 1 billion yuan (that's $140 million) to make this high-tech dream a reality.'s CEO, Peng Jun, is riding high on the idea that this move will further develop the connected car industry.

China has been leading the pack in this futuristic race, with even launching robotaxi services in cities like Beijing, Shanghai, and more.

While other car companies outside of China have hit a few speed bumps, Toyota's not letting that slow them down.

They're zooming into action, pumping up their electric vehicle game, and diving headfirst into the Chinese market.

Would you let a fully autonomous vehicle drive you around?

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The Big Bite
There’s Love In The Algorithms 💌

Swipe left on those photo dilemmas because Tinder now has an artificial intelligence tool that selects users’ best-looking photos for their profiles in a flash.

No more sweating over which selfie captures your essence.

This magical AI will scroll through your photo album like a digital cupid and pick out the fab five that truly represent you.

Bernard Kim, the grandmaster behind Tinder's parent company, Match Group, thinks this tool can ease our anxiety over pic selection - almost like having a style consultant for your dating life.

But wait, there's more!

Tinder is tinkering with text too. Pushing toward AI-powered bios and messages to be your wingman on the fly.

However, some people are giving AI the side-eye. They're worried about safety AND finding a genuine connection.

Imagine you fall for the AI-version of someone instead of the real deal…

Whether it's pic perfection or text tactics, the digital realm of romance is getting a serious upgrade.

Are cupid’s arrows going to strike or is Tinder going to be filled with bot-breakups?

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Can AI Secure A First Date? 😂

This Redditor let a bot do all the talking for him:

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