Every Major Tech Development From 2023

The yearly tech round-up, Meta's smart glasses upgrade, and more...

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  • The Yearly Tech Giant Round-Up

  • Meta’s Smart Glasses Get Upgraded

  • 5 Essential AI Tools From 2023

  • Banksy: Powered By Bing Image Gen

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OpenAI’s NonProfit Arm Only Showed $45K In Revenue
Nonprofit status has come under fire from critics who question how an $86 billion company can be controlled by a charity…

Essential AI Emerges From Stealth With $57M
An artificial intelligence startup founded by two authors of a seminal research paper at Google has disclosed $56.5M in new funding…

Durable Secures $14M To Build Bots For Small Biz
A startup that’s building AI-powered business tools is announcing a healthy round of funding on the back of a surge of interest in its products…

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A Year In AI Innovation
The 2023 Tech Round-Up 📡

This year has been a landmark year for generative AI, with major tech companies making significant strides. From Microsoft's Copilot feature to Google's Gemini technology, the Gen AI landscape has dramatically evolved.

Here’s every major innovation from the last 365 days:

  • Microsoft: Launched additional OpenAI-powered features, including Copilot for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365, enhancing business functionalities like text summarization, tone adjustment in emails, data insights, and automatic presentation creation.

  • Google: Introduced Duet, akin to Microsoft's Copilot, integrating Gen AI across Google Workspace for writing assistance and custom visual creation. Also debuted Generative AI Studio, enabling developers to craft AI apps, and unveiled Gemini & Bard, a new AI technology with impressive features.

  • Salesforce: Announced Salesforce AI Cloud, focusing on enhancing CRM experiences. This platform enables auto-generated insights for user experience improvement, personalized content creation, and automated customer service responses.

  • Adobe: Released Adobe Firefly, a tool for creating images, 3D visuals, vectors, audio, and video content, positioning Adobe as a leader in image-based generative AI tools.

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS): Made a significant entry into GenAI with its Titan model and Q offering, targeting enterprise solutions. Also launched Trainium2, its next-generation training chip.

  • IBM: Developed new platforms like watsonx for powerful AI base models, and pioneered indemnification offerings for GenAI tool usage, addressing legal concerns over security and data rights.

  • Nvidia: Dominated the GenAI silicon market with a surge in demand for its advanced GPUs. Faced new competition from AMD's latest GPU release and other tech giants.

  • OpenAI: Throughout 2023, OpenAI not only enhanced ChatGPT but also expanded its AI capabilities and applications. Despite internal leadership changes, OpenAI remained a pivotal figure in the Gen AI domain, consistently pushing the boundaries of AI technology and its integration into various industries.

  • Meta (Facebook): Notably, they released BlenderBot 3, a large language model capable of engaging in open-ended dialogue, and made significant progress in AI research for VR and AR applications.

  • Tencent: The Chinese tech giant has rapidly expanded its AI capabilities in 2023, focusing on areas like natural language processing, computer vision, and robotics. Tencent's AI division, Tencent AI Lab, has developed several impressive projects, including its AI for social good initiatives and advancements in healthcare diagnostics.

  • Baidu: As another major player in the Chinese tech landscape, Baidu has made significant strides in AI development in 2023. They introduced Ernie 3.0 Titan, a large language model with capabilities exceeding 100 trillion parameters, and launched Wenxin Yige, an AI model for generating creative text formats.

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Smart Glasses
The Future Is Bright For Meta’s RayBans 👓

Meta just opened their early access program for their Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses, and we’re seeing visions of the future. We saw ol’ Zuck himself showcasing the tech on Instagram, getting fashion tips with just a shirt-hold.

Move over, Spy Kids because Meta's got the coolest shades on the block.

But fashion's just the beginning. These shades pack a powerful AI assistant, ready to be your on-the-go companion:

  • Need directions? Sports scores? Ideas? Don't break stride. Just whisper, your shades are all ears.

  • Struggling for the perfect caption? Just point, identify, and ask your shades to brainstorm some wit. They've got your back (and your visual feed).

  • Language barriers got you tongue-tied? Stand tall, speak up, and understand the world around you. These shades break down walls, not conversations.

All you have to do is say, "Hey Meta," and watch the magic happen.

Imagine how these shades can empower people with disabilities, offering hands-free control and information access that can change lives.

And that’s just one idea. 

So, Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses owners, opt into the early access program, play around with these futuristic features, and give Meta your feedback.

Because this is one cool way to get a glimpse of the future.

More Tools For The Toolbox
5 Essential AI Tools That Came From 2023 📝

RunwayML: A platform that offers a variety of AI tools for video editing and animation, including tools for generating faces, backgrounds, and even entire scenes.

Claude: A chatbot that helps write various content formats including blog posts, articles, scripts, poems, code, and more.

Magic: An optimization tool that upgrades your AI workflow with integrations with Bard, Claude, Midjourney, & more.

Midjourney: A text-to-image platform that generates stunningly detailed and realistic visuals in various styles.

Synthesia: An AI tool can create realistic videos of people speaking from text prompts.

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