Figma Announces Big AI Redesign 🍭

How AI will be used in the Olympics, an AI-designed horse bag, and more...

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  • Figma Announces Big AI Redesign

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Designer’s Rejoice
Figma Announces Big Redesign With AI

Figma has announced a major redesign and new features at its Config conference.

The redesign introduces a new toolbar, rounded corners, and 200 new icons, and the new generative AI tools can help users quickly create design mock-ups from text prompts.

Figma clarified that its AI models are powered by third-party tools and are not trained on private user data, and you can control whether Figma can use your content for training

2024 Olympics
NBC’s Paris Olympics Coverage Will Use AI

NBC's coverage of the Paris 2024 Olympics will feature AI-generated daily recaps narrated by an AI version of Al Michaels, available on Peacock.

The platform will include a dedicated Olympics hub with live event coverage, an interactive schedule, and medal standings.

Peacock's new Live Actions tool allows viewers to choose specific live feeds during coverage, while the Discovery Multiview feature lets users watch multiple events simultaneously with onscreen information.

Augie announced the commercial launch of its flagship platform, Augie Studio, an all-in-one video studio that empowers businesses of any size, creators, marketers and AI enthusiasts to create compelling social video content at scale — regardless of their experience or skill set.

Augie Studio includes access to over 100 million pieces of pre-licensed high quality content from Getty Images, including stock photography, clips, and background music. Paying tiers also include AI-enhanced script-writing, inline recording, hundreds of pre-built AI voices, and Augie's core automated storyboarding technology.

Key features:

Dynamic asset library: Instantly access & organize media, scan footage in seconds, & enjoy 100+ million Getty Images for Premium users.

🔥 Automatic content creation: Easily create storyboards, find matching media, & make unique clips with Augie.

👉Pro-Level Editing: Apply transitions, captions, music, & effects with a click, no tutorials needed.

Try us out for free, or get one month of premium for free with code AUGIE!

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Horsey Bag
AI-Designed Horse Purse Tearing Community Apart

Baggu’s collaboration with Collina Strada featured AI-designs that used Midjourney as a tool to remix old prints.

Fans took to social media to express disappointment and criticized the use of AI without clearer disclosure.

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Snapchat’s New Safety Features: Snapchat introduces new warnings and region blocks to combat teen 'sextortion' scams, automatically blocking suspicious friend requests and clarifying location sharing settings.

Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses Upgrade: The Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses can now record for three minutes straight, up from the previous one-minute limit.

Microsoft’s Canceled Xbox Cloud Console: A patent reveals the design of Microsoft's canceled Xbox cloud console, Keystone, which was intended to stream Xbox games but was shelved due to cost issues.

AI Eating Its Own Tail: Perplexity, an AI chatbot, has been found citing AI-generated blogs for health information.

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