Google Deletes Incognito Mode Data

Incognito mode lawsuit, office octo-chair, and more...

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  • Google Finally Fixes Incognito Mode

  • Office Chair With 6 AI-Powered Arms

  • Military-Grade Entertainment System

  • AI Can’t Create Plain White Images

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Data Dump
Incognito Mode May Finally Be Incognito

Google has agreed to delete or anonymize billions of web browsing records collected in Incognito mode as part of a proposed class action settlement in California.

The settlement, related to accusations of illegal tracking in private browsing mode, could impact 136 million users and is valued at $5 billion.

It mandates Google to enhance disclosures about data collection in Incognito mode and impose limits on future data collection.

The settlement also includes changes to Google's privacy disclosures and allows users to block third-party cookies in Incognito mode for five years.

Best Of April Fools
The Best Chair For AI Enthusiasts

If the only problem with your gaming chair is that you ever have to get up, try Razer’s Cthulhu. 

It’s equipped with eight arms to grab Hot Pockets, shave your beard, and more, all with “a 96.9 percent chance of the tentacles always listening to you!”

The Razer Cthulhu’s behavior is derived from its interactions with you. If you’re unhappy with the behavior this may be a skill issue.

Dopt’s AI Assist lets your users point to anything in your product they’re confused about to get ridiculously relevant explanations that unblock them and help them succeed. In less than twenty minutes you can build on-demand, seamless in-product assistance that's forever up to date.

With AI Assist, you can build:

💬 Explain anything — Let users point at anything in your product to get relevant help. If they want to learn more, they can ask a follow-up question;

Proactive error assistance — Automatic help any time a user sees an error;

📐 Contextual help hub — Surface relevant docs based on where the user is and what they’re doing.

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Cool Gadgets
A Suitcase Filled With Nothing But A TV

LG's StanbyME Go is a distinctive 27-inch touchscreen TV built into a military-grade briefcase — a unique and portable entertainment solution despite weighing a hefty 28-pound weight.

It’s not just a TV either. It also has an integrated sound system, HDMI connectivity, and webOS software.

Priced at $1,200, its value proposition is challenged by its weight, unremarkable display quality for the price, and limited battery life without water resistance.

However, the StanbyME Go is a breath of fresh air. It seems like big tech has been copying each other for years, and this piece of tech is actually something made for the future.

Describe Nothing
AI Can’t Create Plain White Images

AI models are able to generate complex and detailed artwork but struggle with producing something as straightforward as a white background.

Attempts to direct the AI to create a pure white image result in outputs that are not quite right, either featuring shades of gray or not meeting the specific request for a solid white (#FFFFFF) background.

This is one limitation of the image tools we have access to today: unnecessary complexity or deviation from the prompt.

Even ChatGPT has a similar issue when told to "do nothing" or remain silent in response to a prompt — it is compelled to reply even when told not to.

These findings teach us more about the nature of AI creativity and its differences from human artistic creation, suggesting that while AI can replicate or innovate based on vast datasets, it may inherently struggle with concepts that humans find elementary, such as the absence of features or content.

Brave is one of only a few global, independent search providers, and it’s the fastest growing search engine since Bing.

Get access to high-quality data that’s actually usable. Build everything from search engines to AI apps. As the default engine in the Brave browser, Brave Search is consistently refreshed with new data via its Web Discovery Project contribution framework.

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