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Google gets judge for Adtech case, Adobe's new ToS backlash, and more...

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  • Apple’s Siri Dream Is Almost A Reality

  • IKEA Hiring Ten Virtual Employees

  • $60,000 Robot Chef Can Do Everything

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Google Secures Judge Trial For Adtech Case
Google will face a judge, not a jury, in its antitrust lawsuit over adtech monopoly allegations, after submitting a $2.3 million check to cover potential damages, with the trial set for September…

Adobe Faces Backlash Over Updated ToS
Adobe's recent terms of service update sparked outrage among creatives who feared their work could be used to train AI models…

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10+ Years Later
Is Apple Finally Launching The Real Siri?

Originally launched with the iPhone 4S in 2011, Siri was touted as a revolutionary voice assistant, but it fell short of its promises.

Reports indicate that the new Siri could integrate more deeply within apps, performing complex tasks on your device like they pitched us 13 years ago.

If Apple succeeds, Siri might finally live up to the initial hype, providing seamless, efficient assistance. The WWDC announcement could mark a turning point for Apple's AI ambitions, making Siri a truly indispensable feature for iPhone users.

Virtual Storefront
IKEA Hiring 10 Roblox Players As Employees

Ikea is taking a quirky approach to virtual reality with its latest publicity stunt: hiring 10 people to work in a virtual Ikea store on Roblox.

These virtual employees will be paid £13.15 or €14.80 per hour to serve meatballs and help customers find items in The Co-Worker Game.

The positions are open to UK and Ireland residents aged 18 or older, with applications accepted until June 16th.

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Hands-Off Cooking
$60,000 Robot Chef Claims To Do Everything

The Chefee, a $60,000 robotic kitchen insert, promises to store, prep, and cook meals for you, but leaves you to handle the dishes.

The hefty price tag leaves everyone wondering how this impressive gadget could be within reach for most people. However, I will 100% be taking out a loan to snag one of these bad boys for myself.

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Everything Else You Need To Know

  • Amazon Expands Robotaxi Testing: Amazon will begin testing its robotaxis in Austin and Miami, in addition to existing tests in San Francisco, Las Vegas, Seattle, and Foster City.

  • iOS 18 Face ID App Lock: Apple is set to announce a feature in iOS 18 that allows users to lock apps with Face ID, adding an extra layer of security to built-in apps like Mail, Notes, and Messages.

  • Gears of War: E-Day Announced: Microsoft unveils Gears of War: E-Day at the Xbox Games Showcase — the game is set 14 years before the original and tells the story of the first Locust emergence on Sera.

  • Meta's Messenger Communities: Meta introduces standalone Messenger group chats called "Communities," allowing up to 5,000 people to join without needing a Facebook page.

  • Induction-Powered Kitchen Gadgets: Kitchenery showcases a wirelessly powered blender and kettle at the Smart Kitchen Summit, which can be powered off an induction cooktop.

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