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Zuckerberg tests a new update, Amazon & Alphabet discontinuing ventures, and more...

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  • Meta Quest's 6-Window Multitasking

  • Amazon Discontinues Astro Business Robots

  • Alphabet Shuts Down Agriculture Startup

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FTC Investigating PC Manufacturers For Right To Repair
The FTC has put ASRock, Gigabyte, and Zotac on notice, demanding they change warranty policies and customer support practices that illegally void warranties for self-repairs under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act…

GM To Pay Millions In Fines For Carbon Pollution
GM will retire 50 million metric tons of carbon credits and pay $145.8 million in penalties after an EPA investigation revealed emissions from nearly 6 million of its vehicles were about 10 percent higher than reported…

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Meta’s Quest Headset
Zuckerberg Experiments With VR Multitasking

Meta's Horizon OS version 67 update for Quest VR headsets now supports multitasking with up to six virtual windows.

This feature, available on Quest Pro, Quest 2, and Quest 3, allows users to dock three windows and place three more freely.

Additional features include swipe typing, QR code scanning for Wi-Fi, and a new Horizon Feed for discovering content.

Wall-E Wannabe
Amazon Discontinues Astro Business Robots

Amazon is discontinuing its Astro for Business robots less than a year after launch.

The company will issue full refunds and a $300 credit to customers, but the bots will stop functioning on September 25th.

While Astro for Business is ending, Amazon hinted at future enhancements with their VP of hardware engineering citing a focus on home robotics.

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Alphabet Shutting Down Mineral Robotic Agriculture Startup

Mineral, known for its autonomous plant buggies, aimed to advance crop and soil analysis, but sadly, they couldn’t generate the revenue that Alphabet was looking for.

Due to competitive pressures and low profit margins, and they’ll be shutting down the startup and licensing its technology to partners, including berry producer Driscoll’s.

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Everything Else You Need To Know

Blumhouse’s New AI Horror Film 'Afraid': The movie, featuring John Cho and Katherine Waterston, follows a family whose lives are disrupted by an AI-powered smart hub — debuting on August 30th.

Google Introduces AI Disclosure for Political Ads: Google will now automatically generate disclosures for political ads that use AI-generated content ahead of the upcoming US presidential election.

Brazil Bans Meta from Using Personal Data: Brazil's data protection authority has prohibited Meta from training its AI models on Brazilian personal data. Meta now faces daily fines if it doesn't comply, mirroring similar regulatory pushback in the EU.

Threads Reaches 175 Million Users: Meta's Threads has achieved 175 million monthly active users as it approaches its one-year anniversary. Meta plans to introduce ads to Threads next year.

ChatGPT Mac App Security Flaw Fixed: OpenAI has updated its ChatGPT macOS app to encrypt conversations after a security flaw was discovered. Previously, chats were stored in plain text, making them easily accessible to malicious apps.

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