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  • Microsoft’s AI Boss Says All Content Is Free

  • New Ray-Ban Competitor With GPT-4o

  • Perplexity’s Grand Theft AI Ethics

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Uber & Lift Required To Pay Drivers $32/Hour
Rideshare drivers in Massachusetts will soon earn a minimum of $32.50 per hour and receive benefits like paid sick leave and healthcare stipends starting August 15th…

Apple May Announce Gemini Deal This Fall
Apple is expected to announce a deal to integrate Google's Gemini AI model with its devices this fall, adding to its existing ChatGPT integration…

Augie: All-In-One AI Video Studio
New AI video technology startup empowers businesses of any size, creators, marketers and AI enthusiasts to create compelling social video content at scale — regardless of their experience or skill set…

It’s All Free
Microsoft’s AI Boss Says Online Content Is Fair Game

Microsoft's AI chief, Mustafa Suleyman, asserted that content on the open web is essentially "freeware" that anyone can copy and use. 

During an interview, he claimed that since the '90s, the understanding has been that such content is fair game for reproduction and recreation.

Of course, this perspective is at odds with copyright law, which automatically protects works upon creation, regardless of their online publication.

Smart Glasses
New Ray-Bans Competitor With GPT-4o & Camera

Solos is set to challenge Meta Ray-Ban's dominance in the smart glasses market with its upcoming Solos AirGo Vision.

These new glasses feature OpenAI's GPT-4o AI model, promise hands-free video recording and object recognition capabilities. They also boast a swappable frame system, allowing users to switch out the camera for different looks or functionalities, such as sun shades.

While there's no set price or release date, they're expected to cost more than $249.99, the price of Solos' non-camera model.

Augie announced the commercial launch of its flagship platform, Augie Studio, an all-in-one video studio that empowers businesses of any size, creators, marketers and AI enthusiasts to create compelling social video content at scale — regardless of their experience or skill set.

Augie Studio includes access to over 100 million pieces of pre-licensed high quality content from Getty Images, including stock photography, clips, and background music. Paying tiers also include AI-enhanced script-writing, inline recording, hundreds of pre-built AI voices, and Augie's core automated storyboarding technology.

Key features:

Dynamic asset library: Instantly access & organize media, scan footage in seconds, & enjoy 100+ million Getty Images for Premium users.

🔥 Automatic content creation: Easily create storyboards, find matching media, & make unique clips with Augie.

👉Pro-Level Editing: Apply transitions, captions, music, & effects with a click, no tutorials needed.

Try us out for free, or get one month of premium for free with code AUGIE!

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Rent-Seeking Middleman
Perplexity's Grand Theft AI Ethics

Perplexity, an AI startup aiming to become an "answer engine" instead of a search engine, has been accused of unethical practices.

Unlike search engines, which direct traffic to primary sources, Perplexity wants to provide the direct answers of their choosing. Its Pages product even creates entire articles by aggregating content, which can border on plagiarism.

A significant controversy arose when Perplexity was found bypassing Forbes' paywall to summarize an investigation, barely citing the original work and using copyrighted images without permission.

Perplexity's CEO admitted to using third-party scrapers that ignore the robots.txt exclusion, showing a reliance on potentially unethical practices to function.

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Everything Else You Need To Know

A Fun Reminder to Take Out Your Trash: A new Mac app called Bananabin surrounds your Trash icon with buzzing flies when your Trash folder exceeds a set size, reminding you to empty it.

Redbox’s Owner Files for Bankruptcy: Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment, owner of Redbox, filed for bankruptcy after defaulting on loans and missing payroll. The company owes nearly $1 billion to various creditors, including major Hollywood studios and retailers like Walmart.

Center for Investigative Reporting Sues OpenAI: The nonprofit behind Mother Jones is suing OpenAI and Microsoft for copyright infringement, alleging they used CIR's content without permission.

YouTube Demonetizes Dr Disrespect’s Channel: YouTube has suspended monetization on Dr Disrespect’s channel following allegations of inappropriate messages sent to a minor.

Apple Silicon Exec Joins Rain AI: Rain AI, backed by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, has hired former Apple chip exec Jean-Didier Allegrucci to develop new AI processors aimed at reducing power consumption with “in-memory compute.”

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