NVIDIA's Impressive New $40,000 Chip

Meta's decentralized sharing, NVIDIA's new chip, and more...

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  • Meta Introduces The Fediverse For Threads

  • NVIDIA Reveals Their $40,000 Chip

  • Segway’s Smart Mower Starts Cutting

  • New All-Road E-Bike From Cowboy

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Apple To Let Google’s Gemini Power iPhone Features
The negotiations are about licensing Gemini for some new features coming to the iPhone software this year — it’s unlikely that any deal will be announced until June…

Hippocratic AI Raises $53 Million Series A
Hippocratic is known for their generative AI-powered staffing marketplace for healthcare and will use funds to further accelerate further product development and conduct phase three safety testing for its LLM…

Automatically Solve Zendesk Tickets With AI (partner)
Give your support agents a Zendesk AI assistant in every language that helps you solve tickets with uniquely generated replies that are trained on your own guide or help center…

FediForum Conference
Meta’s Fediverse Demo & Future Integration

Believe it or not, Fediverse isn’t a program run by the federal government. It’s actually Meta integrating Threads across different decentralized social networks.

This integration will enable public profile users to toggle "fediverse sharing" in their settings, although it comes with limitations like not being able to view replies from the fediverse and no guarantee of post deletion across platforms.

Meta's entrance into the fediverse will connect communities across various platforms and push others to decentralize themselves. It’s too bad nobody uses Threads…

H100 A Thing Of The Past
NVIDIA Reveals World’s Most Powerful Chip

The Blackwell B200 GPU, labeled the "world's most powerful chip" for AI, is designed to make AI technologies with trillions of parameters more accessible.

This GPU, along with the GB200 superchip combining two B200 GPUs and a Grace CPU, significantly outperforms Nvidia's previous H100 chip in efficiency and power, offering up to 30 times better performance for AI tasks.

Getting your hands on these won’t be easy either — Nvidia’s CEO suggest each GPU will cost between $30,000 and $40,000.

Aura delivers real-time, natural-sounding conversations at scale for use cases like AI agents, IVR, and more.

  • Lightning-fast: less than 250 ms latency;

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Automated Lawncare
Segway Selling $999 Smart Robot Mower

Segway’s Navimow i Series launched in the US, starting at $999 — offering a smart, wire-free lawn maintenance option for homeowners

This series includes models for lawns up to 0.25 acres, and utilizes advanced GPS and AI for precise mapping and obstacle avoidance.

Interested in picking up a Roomba for your lawn?

Watch the launch video:

Pricey Bikey
Cowboy’s First All-Road Electric Bike

Cowboy introduced its first all-road electric bike, the Cross, designed for both city and off-road riding.

Priced at around $3,800, it features 60mm tires, front fork and seat post suspension, a 540Wh battery for 75 miles range, and a robust 62lbs frame.

Equipped with a 250W motor and new technology like the Check My Bike diagnostic tool and Live Challenges in the app, the Cross will deliver a comfortable and engaging ride across various terrains.

More Tools For The Toolbox
5 Trending AI-Powered Tools

10Web: Create a website using an AI website builder.

StickerMule: Use their free image upscaler to unblur and enlarge your iamges.

Tome: Create polished and professional presentations faster.

Brave: An API powered by Brave to help you access information on billions of indexed pages with a single call.

Deepgram: Play around with human-like voice AI or transcribe sample audio files.

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