OpenAI's 15-Second Voice Clone 🍭

Apple Vision Pro's infrared light, OpenAI's voice clone model, and more...

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  • SBF’s “Scam Them Twice” Document

  • Vision Pro Bathes You In Infrared Light

  • OpenAI’s 15-Second Voice Cloning Model

  • US House Bans Staff From Using Copilot

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Dan Lynch Dead At 82
Dan Lynch passed away at his St. Helena, California home on Saturday. He was an early Internet pioneer that held two management positions at pre-internet ARPANET nodes before later workshops to demonstrate the power of the internet…

Lamborghini Ditches Their Classic Logo
For the first time after two decades, Lamborghini has ‘improved’ its logo to reflect “new trajectory focused on sustainability and decarbonization…”

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Gambling With Funds
Sam Bankman-Fried Has Learned Nothing

Sam Bankman-Fried, at his sentencing, expressed regret for his actions but avoided admitting to any crimes, instead referring to his actions as "mistakes."

He suggested that the bankruptcy lawyers were to blame and outlined contributions he made to assist FTX customers during the bankruptcy process.

Meanwhile, Kaplan attributed Bankman-Fried's actions to a gambling mentality, a reckless approach to risk-taking that prioritized potential gains over ethical considerations.

However, this little turd had a document that outlined how he planned to ‘scam’ his customers, rebrand, and gear up to do it all over again.

No Bueno
Apple Vision Pro Bathes Your Eyeballs In Infrared

You can see that in this Slow Mo Guys YouTube Short showing the flashing of the invisible-to-the-human-eye IR illuminators of Apple’s face computer, both on the front and around the lenses’ edges.

At 1,000fps, the Guys show the Vision Pro’s very fancy micro-OLED displays alternating between images and black frames, with a ring of IR lights popping on during the dark moments to help track where your eyes are looking.

Be careful going to hard with this headset because it could potentially cause eye strain, retinal damage, and other unknown long-term effects…

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Actually Incredible
OpenAI’s Voice Cloning Model Only Needs A Few Seconds

OpenAI has developed Voice Engine, a new AI model that can clone a voice from a 15-second sample and use it to read text in various languages — and it’s the best one I’ve heard so far.

This technology, which began development in late 2022, is now in limited access for specific partners in education, healthcare, and communication.

They seek enhance personalized responses and content creation while ensuring ethical use through consent requirements, non-impersonation policies, and watermarking for traceability.

Security Risks
US House Bans Staffers From Using Copilot

The House is removing and blocking Copilot from “all House Windows Devices” after the Office of Cybersecurity determined that it risked “leaking House data to non-House approved cloud services,” reported Axios.

The House cited similar concerns when it restricted the use of ChatGPT in congressional offices last year and declared that no non-ChatGPT chatbots were authorized yet.

A Microsoft spokesperson told Axios that meeting “federal government security and compliance requirements” with AI tools like Copilot is on its roadmap for “later this year.”

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Weird Sailor Moon Crossover Cameos

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