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Date set for Apple Dev Conference, Microsoft's AI PC requirements, and more...

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  • Apple’s Dev Conference This June

  • Artists Get Early Access To Sora

  • Microsoft’s AI PCs Locked Without Key

  • Plot To Overthrow The King: NVIDIA

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Foundational Secures $8M For Ai Agents
Foundational is a proprietary AI-powered code analysis tool for data organizations to identify privacy issues and suggest fixes before code is deployed…

FTX To Sell $884M Of Anthropic Shares
The sale of the Anthropic shares is a big win for the FTX estate, which pledged in January to pay back the defunct exchange's customers 100% of the value of their holdings at the time of the exchange's collapse. FTX's FTT token climbed 10% on the news…

Write 3x Faster, Without Lifting A Finger (partner)
Voice-to-Text powered by Apple Silicon, local AI models let you write anything by just talking — includes Unlimited GPT-3.5, Claude 3 Haiku and Deepgram Voice…

Catch Up Conference
Apple’s Dev Conference Set For June 10th

At Apple's WWDC 2024, set to start on June 10th, the company is expected to make significant announcements related to AI.

There's speculation around Apple's plans, including the possibility of revealing its own AI models, forming content partnerships with news outlets, or even integrating cloud-based AI features through collaborations with companies like Google, OpenAI, Anthropic, or Baidu.

There's also talk of opening up its ecosystem to all AI developers for deeper integration with its devices.

Alongside AI developments, the usual updates to iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, and other operating systems are anticipated, with potential new features and hardware updates including new AirPods models and updated AirPods Max headphones.

Last year's highlights included the Vision Pro headset and advancements in Apple silicon, setting a high bar for this year's event.

Tasty Testers
Artists Get Early Access To Sora

OpenAI has provided a select group of artists and filmmakers early access to its new text-to-video tool, Sora, showcasing their creative work, which ranges from surreal to hyper-realistic.

Sora can generate videos up to a minute long from a single text prompt and is still in the assessment phase by OpenAI to understand its capabilities and risks.

Early creations highlight Sora's potential for surreal storytelling and rapid conceptualization, such as a short film about a man with a yellow balloon for a head [like the one above].

Dopt’s AI Assist lets your users point to anything in your product they’re confused about to get ridiculously relevant explanations that unblock them and help them succeed.

In less than twenty minutes you can build on-demand, seamless in-product assistance that's forever up to date.

With AI Assist, you can build:

💬 Explain anything — Let users point at anything in your product to get relevant help. If they want to learn more, they can ask a follow-up question;

Proactive error assistance — Automatic help any time a user sees an error;

📐 Contextual help hub — Surface relevant docs based on where the user is and what they’re doing.

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What Is An AI PC?
Microsoft’s AI PCs Require A Copilot Key

Intel has revealed Microsoft's requirements for an AI PC, which notably includes the need for a Microsoft Copilot key.

To qualify as an AI PC according to Microsoft, devices must include a Neural Processing Unit (NPU), the latest CPUs and GPUs, and feature the newly announced Copilot key.

This requirement aims to standardize the hardware and software integration for AI capabilities in PCs.

While some existing laptops might already have the necessary hardware for AI functionalities, without the Copilot key, they don't fully meet Microsoft's criteria.

UXL Foundation
NVIDIA’s Chip Dominance May Not Be Forever

A coalition led by Intel, Google, Arm, Qualcomm, Samsung, and others, known as The Unified Acceleration Foundation (UXL), is developing an open-source software suite aimed at breaking Nvidia's stronghold in the AI chip market.

This want to remove the dependency on Nvidia's proprietary software, enabling AI developers to run their applications on any hardware with any chip.

Nvidia has dominated the AI chip industry, partly due to its specialized hardware like the H100 and H200 GPUs, but the UXL's project could change the competitive landscape by the second half of this year.

More Tools For The Toolbox
5 Trending AI-Powered Tools

Stylo: Give your agents a Zendesk AI assistant in every language.

Chaindesk: A no-code platform to create custom AI chatbots trained on your data.

Magic: An optimization tool that upgrades your AI workflow with integrations with Bard, Claude, Midjourney, & more.

Brave: Real-time, high-quality web data that you can use for your AI applications.

Superwhisper: Write 3x faster, without lifting a finger — voice-to-Text powered by Apple Silicon.

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