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I heard someone comparing refrigerators to AI...

When refrigeration was invented, it didn’t just keep our milk from spoiling; it spawned empires like Coca-Cola. Even bigger than refrigeration itself, it enabled the creation of entirely new industries and companies. AI is having a similar effect today. The real revolution isn’t just AI itself, but what it makes possible—my hunch is that the real evolution is in automations.

Automation: Pay Attention

Automation has been around for a while, but AI? AI gives it a brain. Tools like Make and Zapier will become indispensable, and with Snack Prompt being the world’s first "end-to-end AI workflow tool," we will be the bridge between AI and automation.

A Sneak Peek into the Future

I’d love to explain more, but I’d rather show you. Check out this quick video showcasing what we’re building (click the video bellow):

Bringing Automation to Life

Imagine this: Instead of manually creating social media posts each morning, you could automate the entire process.

Step 1:
Discover a Prompt on Snack Prompt: Start with a simple prompt like, "Create 5 Twitter posts in my voice around the most important breaking news in my industry."

Step 2:
Automate the Workflow: Connect this prompt to a workflow tool like Make or Zapier. Every morning, this automation runs, pulling the latest news and crafting your posts.

Step 3:
Get Ready-to-Post Content: The automation sends you 5 draft posts ready for review. You receive a link via text, open it on Snack Prompt as a document, and review/edit the posts.

Step 4:
Approve and Publish: Once you’re satisfied, approve the posts on Snack Prompt, and the automation (Make) publishes them for you.

With Snack Prompt and Make (or Zapier), what used to take hours can now be done in seconds.


Today, I want to invite you to be part of a small community shaping the future in real time. We’ve created a group for AI and automation enthusiasts to work alongside my team and me.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Early access to new tools and features

  • The opportunity to provide feedback on our R&D projects

  • Collaboration with other automation and AI enthusiasts

  • Daily interactions with me and a tight-knit community

Click here to join our new Slack server and help us build the future together:

Excited to see you there!

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