X Yoinks Thousands Of Tesla AI Chips 🍭

HBO Max raising prices, NYC gets a bathroom map, and more...

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  • Twitter Takes Thousands Of Tesla AI Chips

  • Jensen Huang Signs Chest Like A Celebrity

  • Meta’s Quest Getting 3 Big Improvements

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Cheaper To Filter Carbon Dioxide Out Of The Air
A new generation of carbon capture plants could significantly reduce the cost of removing CO2 from the atmosphere — Climeworks' Generation 3 design promises to be half as energy-intensive and halve the cost compared to previous models…

NYC Gets A New Google Bathroom Map
A new Google Maps layer shows public restrooms across New York City, but that doesn’t help the city’s severe lack of public bathrooms — only 1,000 for 8 million people…

New York Governor Backing Algorithm Bill
The governor of New York is backing a bill that limits social media’s ability to use predatory algorithms on children — requiring parental consent in most cases…

Backseating Tesla
Musk Diverts Thousands Of AI Chips To X

Elon Musk diverted thousands of AI chips from Tesla to his social media company X and its AI subsidiary, xAI. Likely delaying Tesla's development of self-driving cars as they wait for new chips.

Tesla investors may be unhappy as they were expecting faster progress on autonomous vehicles, but Musk says Tesla lacked the capacity to accept the chips.

Ricky Bobby
Tech CEOs Are The New NASCAR Drivers

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang signed a woman's shirt at a tech conference. While this is unusual for CEOs, Huang has a more casual image.

But can you imagine Tim Cook doing this after an iPhone event? 🤣

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Meta Fixing The Quest 3’s Lingering Annoyances

Meta is fixing key issues with the Quest 3 VR headset:

  • Easier Menu Access: A new wrist button replaces the awkward "look and pinch" gesture for accessing menus. (Quest 3 only for now)

  • Reduced Passthrough Distortion: Improved real-world view reduces distortion when looking at your hands in VR. (Quest 3 only for now)

  • Background Audio Fix: You can now multitask in VR with music or videos playing in the background without pausing. (Coming to all Quests)

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