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Samsung 15x profits, bankrupt Fisker asks for a deal, and more...

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  • YouTube’s Copyrighted Music Eraser Tool

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Noplace Hits No. 1 On The App Store
The new app social media app "noplace," designed for Gen Z with customizable profiles and text-based updates, has surged to the top of the App Store after launching out of invite-only mode…

Samsung’s 15x Increase In Profits
Samsung is benefiting from the booming AI market and chip sales — reporting a massive year-on-year profit increase to $7.54 billion for Q2 2024, up from $670 million a year earlier...

Bring Your AI Agents To Life With Voice AI
Convert any text into responsive, human-like voices in seconds with Deepgram's Aura text-to-speech API…

Audio Unaffected
YouTube’s Updated Copyrighted Music Eraser Tool

YouTube has finally released an updated eraser tool allowing creators to remove copyrighted music from their videos without affecting other audio elements like dialogue or sound effects.

The tool, announced by YouTube chief Neal Mohan, utilizes an AI-powered algorithm to accurately detect and remove only the copyrighted song.

While the tool has shown improvements, YouTube warns that it may not always successfully remove the song alone. If the tool fails, creators may still need to mute all sound in the claimed segments or trim them out.

High-Tech to No-Tech
Nike’s Self-Lacing Sneakers Losing Support

Nike is discontinuing the Nike Adapt app, which controls its self-lacing Adapt BB sneakers, in August. The app allowed users to adjust tightness presets and LED light colors via Bluetooth.

After the app is removed from app stores, users will still be able to operate basic functions like powering on/off and adjusting laces using physical buttons on the shoes.

However, they won't be able to adjust the lighting or move the app to new devices.

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“Imagine” Feature
WhatsApp Developing Personalized AI Avatar Generator

WhatsApp is developing a new generative AI feature called "Imagine" that will allow users to create personalized avatars of themselves in various settings.

The feature uses user-supplied images, text prompts, and Meta’s AI Llama model to generate avatars. Users can create these avatars by taking photos of themselves and then using commands like “Imagine me” with a description in Meta AI chat.

The feature is optional and requires manual activation in settings, with the option to delete reference images at any time. There is no specified release date for this feature.

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Everything Else You Need To Know

Forestay Launches $220M AI-Focused VC Fund: Forestay, a venture capital firm based in Geneva, Switzerland, has closed its second fund, Forestay Capital II, at $220 million. The fund will focus on growth-stage investments in AI and SaaS companies across Europe and Israel, targeting Series B rounds.

Fisker’s Bankruptcy Sale: EVs for $14,000 Each Fisker is seeking court approval to sell 3,231 Ocean SUVs at an average price of $14,000 each as part of its Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings.

Apple’s Smart Home Expansion: Code discovered by MacRumors indicates that the new Homepod device, labeled HomeAccessory 17,1, could potentially have a screen & integrate with Apple Intelligence.

Tesla’s New Features: The 2024.26 update will feature parental controls to limit speed and acceleration, an AQI symbol for poor air quality, and built-in Amazon Music and YouTube Music apps for Premium Connectivity users.

Softbank Seeks $10 Billion for AI Investments Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son is reportedly seeking to borrow $10 billion to invest in AI-related projects, with a focus on Nvidia chips and energy startups.

Nintendo Japan Ends Wii U Repairs Nintendo Japan has officially stopped repairing the Wii U following the shutdown of the console’s online play services earlier this year, signaling the final phase-out of the 12-year old Wii U.

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